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The Grand Chase is a Grandchase Role-play site that follows the Grandchase storyline but with more of twist.
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 Over all Rules

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PostSubject: Over all Rules   Mon Oct 14, 2013 8:43 am

The Rules

  • one - this rule is probably the most important in the whole set. respect the admins. we're not here to make you miserable, in fact we want the exact opposite. we made this site and we made it mainly so people like you could have a fun place to roleplay, so please don't insult or even bash us. insulting is one thing, insulting and threatening (bashing) is even worse. we would never do it to you, so don't do it to us.

  • two - so number two is very similar to the first. respect your fellow roleplayers. we hate it when people take the rp fights to real life and start unnecessary arguments about whether or not your character did something that was justified. it's stupid and very immature. so please, keep the fights to the threads, no one wants to see them. and i don't want to deal with them.

  • three - when signing up for this site, you may register however you like. but, after you've figured out what your character's name is going to be,PM staff members and they will change your name.

  • four - this site does have a word count. and that number is 150 words that would be 1500 exp. i don't want to go overboard for those new to roleplay. so that will be the limit, but i would like to ask that you at least try to match the word count of the person you're roleplaying with. if they stick you with a 1000+ word reply and you can't handle that, i'll understand. but don't just give them a dainty little two paragraph reply either. just try to match your rp partner's posts, that's all i ask.

  • five - The Grand Chase is rated pg-13 due to the plot line and language. if any thread goes beyond this rating, the people shall be notified of the rating and warned. we follow forumotion tos, meaning nothing above pg-13 we love our site and dont want it shut down.

  • six - now, about this little thing we love to call, the cbox. i would love it if you did the following. or, more or less, didn't do the following. do not spam, advertise in or bash the site/members of this site in the cbox. if it's a member that is doing this, i will confront you about it. if it continues, i will take action. all advertising should be done in the forum designated for advertising. and spamming, well it's just not nice. the cbox is there specifically for communicating with other members and guests. not for you random typing pleasures. the third part of this rule coordinates well with the second rule. if i find people harassing other members or even guests harassing members, i will do something about it. so just please, don't do it.

  • seven - alrighty, first off... i'm sorry these are so damn long! xd anyway, all ic posts should be typed up in third person, unless of course it's an ic game then it doesn't matter. but, i've seen some pretty weird things and third person just makes it so much easier for everyone, don't ya think?

  • eight - no god modding! if i find this, i will give you a warning. if it continues after that warning, i will suspend your account. it's rude and if you don't know what it is, then look it up.

  • nine - onto those gorgeous graphics everyone loves so much. , makes everything look prettier. you at least need that, but, if you're having a signature, it may not exceed 500 pixels in width and 300 in height. what does this mean? you are not allowed to stretch the board! that's what that means.

  • ten - before roleplaying in any way, you must first post your application. once your application is accepted you may make all of your claims. and i mean all of them, it takes five minutes and i don't want to hear you complain that someone stole your face claim when you should've just claimed it in the first place.
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Over all Rules
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