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 Groups of the Chase {wip}

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PostSubject: Groups of the Chase {wip}   Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:42 am

The Kanavan Knights are a respected, high ranking branch of warriors. Each Kanavan Knight specializes in unique weapon techniques, usually using swords and spears. Most of their skills are usually self support skills, which up there defense, speed, or attack power. Those who start in the Kanavan have the unique advantage of starting off with a free weapon. It is a weapon that all of their skills will be based off of, and it will grow in power with the Knight him or her self. Most if not all of these knights go off of a strict moral code, and will stop at no means to follow through with their moral codes, and seeing that justice is followed through. 

The WoodForest Archers are the guardians of the ground. Most of them are very noble, and very few are cocky. All of there skills are focused on either there bows and arrows, or supporting/healing their teammates and allies. It is rare for a WoodForest Archer to focus on skills for them selves, as most of them see themselves as a part of a giant team. They focus on Marksmanship and hand to hand combat. Most use bows and arrow, however the more powerful Archers can use Crossbows. Very few of their skills focus on attacking more then one person, they try to have as minimal collateral damage, or just no collateral in the first place. WoodForest Archers may be deadly with a bow, but even without them most are masters of hand to hand combat, making them something one should not mess with.

Violet Mages are lethal tricksters in the world of Grand chase. They focus on using both light and dark mana to create devastating attacks. Very few of them focus on buffing, and really focus on causing the opponent to eventually take them selves out. They focus on decaying the opponents strength and defense, then finishing them all off with one, giant spell. They have very few low costing attack spells other then the debuffs. Most of there attack spells are those that focus on giant bangs, and explosions. Most of them use staffs and scepters, and are powerless without them, however, the more highly trained Mages (levels 25 and up), can use magic without holding any kind of magical item.

The Elven Protectors are a group of druids they have combat abilities derived from nature: they can heal their allies at critical moments and help release their latent powers. When the powers they obtain from nature are too weak, they transform themselves and become one with nature. Nature isn't confined to the typical aspects of nature such as trees or the air. They transform themselves in the guardians of nature. When transformed they can bend the earth around them and use to heal and protect, the guardians contest of a Wolf, Nephilim ,Fox ,Lion.

White Assassins are possibly the most most lethal of the classes. They relay on their weapons, and speed. Physically they are not the strongest, but great strength does not always over power speed and technique. These Assassins are typically neutral, or unaligned. They will follow wherever the money takes them, however, despite there love of money they aren't typically evil people. Most White assassins have skills that are personal buffs, and focus on enhancing there speed and hand eye coordination. Some of the more skilled can even shadow step. 

The Rune Knight are a group of noble swordsman, they have the have trained their bodies to use magic and wield a sword at the same time; Unlike a normal swordsman they have a balanced skills when it comes to combat with a sword and when fighting with magic, don’t get me wrong they can put up a fight but they will be at a disadvantage. The Rune knights take pride in the fact that they can use magic mostly light; the skill range with in the Rune Knights differ, some use lancers a balanced weapon others use a Sword and shield that allows them to protect with their magic.They are just as good as the Kanavan Knights or should I say equal to the Kanavan knights.

The Chi Feathers are a group of peaceful monks, they train themselves to use chi, chi is life energy and it comes from everything. Chi Feathers can gather the chi that flows with in the air and control the wind, most of the users use magic fans that allow them to bend the chi easier. Most Chi feathers spend their time helping people who have right attentions. They also have the ability to control dark chi, Dark chi is the energy given off when people are killed, hurt or in pain. Only highly skilled Chi Feathers are able to bend both of them into an attack. Most Chi Feathers are really good in hand to hand combat, they are trained to be peaceful but will stand up for what they believe is right.
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Groups of the Chase {wip}
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